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Stress πŸ˜’

*WARNING! THIS WILL BE A SLIGHTLY LONG POST!* Stress. You get stressed by just hearing that word, don’t you? It can be such a controversial topic, which is why a lot of misconceptions on stress float around. You can never steer clear of stress. Once in a blue moon when you see someone who is… Continue reading Stress πŸ˜’

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A Collab On SchoolπŸ‘―

Hey there Readers! Today I bring to you my first ever collab with Anju from Mandalf584 blog ❀️! Yay! Go check out her blog – she is simply the kindest & most amazing blogger ever! Together we bring to you the ultimate 10 questions we came up with about school! So, I hope you read… Continue reading A Collab On SchoolπŸ‘―

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Life Discovery 1 – Stories & Quotes

Hey There! Long time, no see! My apologies for the lack of posts last week, but I have to admit…it has been a jam-packed week. As you probably might know, I love reading or writing stories that have a message – kind of a life lesson – that we learn from. In other words, moral… Continue reading Life Discovery 1 – Stories & Quotes

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Q&A PostπŸ’ƒ

Hey There! It’s finally here – the post you’ve all been waiting for! The Q&A post! There won’t be a hulk load of questions – don’t worry! I’m keeping it short & sweet, so you woudn’t get bored or lose interest! πŸ™‚ – If the world was gonna end in 20 days, what would you… Continue reading Q&A PostπŸ’ƒ

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Skinny Struggles πŸ™ƒ

Hey Everyone! I’ve officially decided that this post will be an enjoyable, laid-back & funny post – just to break free a little from our hectic lives! So, here goes nothing! 😊 I open a magazine, and guess what I find? 1o tips to become skinny. I open the TV where there’s a woman blabbing… Continue reading Skinny Struggles πŸ™ƒ

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Passion For Photography Prt2πŸ“Έ

Hey There! 😍 I’ve been out of the house quite lately – going to the mall & the cinema – probably because I was trapped at home for 2 weeks while studying for my exams – so now you know why I haven’t showed up for a while. I can’t believe it’s Friday & I… Continue reading Passion For Photography Prt2πŸ“Έ

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Time Travel πŸ†’?

A Cheerful Hello To Anyone & Evryone Who Decided To Stop By & Read This Post! I’m certain (98% sure) that the title is what attracted you & that’s perfectly fine! I’m quite fascintaed too!   It would be fun, wouldn’t it? It certaintly would be enjoyable to find out about what lies in the… Continue reading Time Travel πŸ†’?