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Bits ‘n’ Bobs

Hey Everyone! I’ve been thinking lately & I just realised that you don’t really know that much about me. That’s why I’ve decided to tell you more about me, me, and me in 15 not so short facts.


  1. I’m a teenage girl – stating the obvious here!
  2. I’m currently 14 years old – turning 15 next March
  3. I have long curly light brown hair & honey-coloured eyes
  4. I’m very very very skinny & I have pale white skin
  5. I love to smile a lot & make myself laugh
  6. I don’t have a twitter account – only insta, tumblr & fb
  7. I love chocolate & caramel ❤
  8. I love to read stories – especially ones you can relate to
  9. My fav colour is blue – dunno why though
  10. I love to daydream A LOT & I love to be different
  11. My fav animals are: dolphins, penguins, birds & rabbits
  12. I’m obsessed with listening to music
  13. I’m also obsessed with fashion trends & shopping
  14. I love to travel – don’t we all?
  15. I don’t like hate detest studying

So these are all the biggies (I think!) but you’ll probably know more about my life & who I am along the way. Anyway, I better get back to sine & cosine rules (ughh maths) but comment any questions or things you want to know about me & I’ll make sure to answer!

Image result for i didnt know that tell me more gif

Sorry if this post wasn’t that long but I promise to include more interesting & lengthy posts in the future. Please bear with me until 23rd of January (that’s when my mock exams will end). BUT I am beyond HAPPY since I got 8 likes & 2 comments on my last post as well as 3 followers. Not much but you can’t deny it’s great progresss when I’ve only started days ago. ❤️

Bye For Now!

Smiling Dreamer xoxo


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