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A Meaningful Story ❤️

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the first post of 2017! I hope you enjoyed your new year celebration as much as I’ve enjoyed mine. To be honest… nothing beats: dressing up, having dinner at a restaurant,  going back home & dancing to your fav music for countless hours, screaming & jumping when the clock hits 12am, dancing some more, eating mouthfuls of yummy chocolate cake, then FINALLY going to bed at 3:30am. Yup, that’s pretty much how my new year went! 🙂

Since this is the 1st post of the year, I have decided to share with you a short story I have written, which has several morals (life lessons/messages). It’s nothing too amazing or breath-taking, but it has deep meanings. Have Fun Reading! 📖

Short Story -Written By SmilingDreamer

The bell rang signalling the end of the lesson and the start of break for the whole school – but not for class 10a. They had detention with Miss Ellen because they were far too loud earlier in class. They walked into the classroom exchanging glances and trying hard not to laugh. She narrowed her eyes and gave them a cold icy stare, as she watched them enter. After everyone was seated, she returned to her laptop and I continued to stare as she opened and closed various files.

Time passed s-l-o-w-l-y as a turtle, and soon enough the class began to fidget uncomfortably. Maria locked eyes with Jamie – the guy I know she’s been crushing on after months of observation. Jamie flashed her a smile. Instantly she gulped several times and blushed till her cheeks turned the colour of tomatoes. Doreen who sat beside Maria, noticed what happened and kept mindlessly twisting her hair; straight, frizz-free, almond-coloured. I think she’s jealous… but her blank expression was difficult for me to interpret.

Ben tried to get Mark’s attention. But despite his hard efforts, Mark was in a world of his own (Cuckoo land as I like to call it) boring his eyes into the clock and stony-faced. Desperately, Ben snapped his fingers. Honestly that boy can be such a scatterbrain. Mark still hasn’t noticed and I mentally laugh. Her fingers abruptly leave the laptop keyboard and I continue to gaze on as she shoots Ben a fiery look – the look we all knew so well.

Noticing the commotion between the two boys Sarah giggled endlessly and placed her hand over her mouth – in attempt to stop herself from laughing out loud and getting a fiery look as well. I wonder why people accuse Sarah of smiling too much – she has a beautiful and heart-warming smile!

On the other hand, Jenna and John seemed like they were getting on quite well.  Jenna widened her eyes and whispered some words that I couldn’t comprehend because of how far I was sitting. John did the same whilst copying her technique and I watch as they go on for another 5 minutes back and forth. I avert my gaze to see if she had noticed but she was occupied with the email she was typing.

Bored, I examine the rest of the class who looked even more bored and impatient than I felt. Kim –the weird Goth Girl nobody liked much- kept tapping her feet quietly under the table and silently watched the action unfold around her. Looks to me like we have something in common. As the minutes passed, her tapping got louder and louder. Tom (who had been rubbing his temples as if he had a headache) shot her the evil eye, shook his head furiously, and brought his hand to his lips – signalling for her to cut it out. Rude I call it.

Chewing on the lid of her pen was the one and only Gwen, who also kept looking around the classroom thoughtfully. I wonder how many pen lids and pencil rubbers are in her digestive system. But from the number of times I’ve seen her chewing various items …I think we’re probably talking about 3-figured numbers. It seemed like she quite enjoyed the silence – always has been the quietest one in class. It gave her time to ponder and process her life, I heard her say one time.

It’s been only a term, but I know the lady sitting before me and her class more than I even know myself.

Amy – who I like to refer to as the chatterbox – had her fists clenched by her side and her knees were shaking. Amy was Gwen’s absolute polar opposite. She hates detention, since it makes her feel uneasy and jittery due to the fact that she needs to shut her mouth for 30 whole minutes. Once you get Amy yakking, it’s like she will never stop.

That doesn’t leave much of the class – they were a small group in my opinion. Jake drew imaginary circles on the table and clicked his tongue. Throughout the whole time, Reed has been yawning and yawning with one eye closed and the other open and was observing his friends – just like me. Sean stretched his arms, and took long deep breaths.

Noah met eyes with Cody and smiled that goofy smile of his (the one that cracks me up every time) showing his pearl-like teeth. You can never doubt the fact that he’s the son of a dentist. I heard a loud clearing of a throat and I gawk at the woman who had produced the sound and abandoned her laptop. Immediately, Noah hid behind a curtain of brown and blond strands and diverted his face so he was looking in the opposite direction. It’s just a smile – I felt like saying.

Eventually, she leapt up and walked over to the class door. The moment she stood up… the whole class (including me) snapped to focus.  Taking a deep breath and giving a signature eye roll that I absolutely adore, she opened the door and gestured with her hand for them to leave. The class let out a large sigh of relief. She was letting them out 10 minutes early – which is considered a miracle. She really can be strict at times with them, but I agree it’s for their benefit.

I observe as the class file out and instantly start chatting– a delighted smile splattered all over their faces.  I wanted to ask for the reason behind why she let them out early.  She’s an inspirational teacher – Miss Ellen. Everyday, I get to know her better and better.  It makes me realise how amazing she is and how lucky I am.

Without any warning, she leans over and holds my hand… unaware of how it makes me feel. She gently presses. I love you I blurt out. She grins and gathers her laptop, notebook, and coffee. She switches off the lights and starts to lock the door. No I want to say. Don’t leave me. But within me I’m certain that she doesn’t know. She doesn’t know that I actually love her. That I meant those words I said minutes ago. The thought has never crossed her mind, even after 3 months of me desperately trying to tell her. I don’t think she’ll ever notice, despite the fact that she’s a smart woman. But I’m positive she knows that I’ll always be there for her; when she’s happy, sad or heartbroken. I’ll be there when she needs to be hugged, to feel loved, or to take a break from this fast-paced world.

I should show her how I feel – write her a card or maybe even ask her out. But I always forget that I’m only a teddy bear sitting on her desk day after day who’s incapable of doing pretty much anything and everything except for bringing a smile to her face.

The End (All Rights Reserved)

Did you like the twist?😊

There are many lessons you should (hopefully) learn from this story. Some you might have recognised & others which aren’t so clear.

Morals of Story:-

  • Your actions determine your personality. The teddy bear didn’t talk with any of the students or Miss Ellen, yet he knows everything about them from the way they talked & acted with others.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.16.45 PM.png

  • Always be yourself. This is very important. Don’t act as if you’re someone else who isn’t you. If you’re a chatty person then talk with all your will. If you love to smile & laugh, then do it & don’t let anyone hold you back. This helps people know who you really are & you never know who’s watching & determining your personality.


  • The little things count – again another vital lesson. The teddy bear told Miss Ellen ‘I love you’ and even though she didn’t get the fact that the teddy actually loves her… it brought a smile to her face. Using 3 simple words & nothing more.


  • Always be positive. The teddy can’t do a lot to express his love to Ellen. He chose to think about what he can do for her & not what he can’t do. He thought about how he made her smile & how he’ll always be there. He did NOT think negatively “I’m useless” or “I’m just a silly toy”. Think positively everyday & your whole world will be happy & meaningful.


  • Actually, the teddy did think about something he’s not capable of (telling her how he feels/sending card/asking her out) but that’s perfectly okay. Because right after being negative, he thought again about a positive trait. He replaced the not-so-good thought with a good one. He gained more self-confidence & self-esteem in himself. The teddy identified his incapability but then thought about what he actually can do. Always believe & have faith in yourself.


  • The teddy didn’t give up on life. He knows that even though there are some things he can’t do, there are also things he can do & that will make a positive difference.


  • Take time to look around you everyday. Stop what you’re doing. Observe your surroundings. You’ll be surprised at the things you will learn & know from just observing or looking at your everyday/common surroundings. Or by observing your friends or family. You will most probably find it useful since you’ll gain knowledge & get to know better the person you spend most of your time with or the place you sit in the most.


  • There are many ways to express your love other than just saying “I love you”. The teddy says it every time Miss Ellen presses his hand, but he feels that it’s not enough. And you know what? He’s right! Saying I love you alone is nothing. You need to show your love through actions or simple gestures. You don’t always have to say how you feel. You need to SHOW. Simple acts of kindness or showing that you care is sometimes enough & much more meaningful than saying I love you. Stop that talkative mouth of yours & do, do, do!


These are the big blocks of life lessons that are shown through this short story. If there are any others you recognise, don’t hesitate to comment it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this & I hope you’ve placed in mind these valuable lessons that you must apply to your everyday life!

Have A Great Day & Don’t Forget To Comment Your Thoughts On The Story! ❤

Smiling Dreamer xoxo


18 thoughts on “A Meaningful Story ❤️

  1. That was a brilliant story, you sure have a talent when it comes to writing you can make people feel happy reading your blog post and your story’s it’s even had an effect on me being I’m heartless and emotion less and that made me feel so happy reading that you have an amazing talent people can only dream about xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH MY GOD! Thankyouu so so so so much for your great comment! I’m really happy that you think it’s brilliant & that I was able to make you happy! It’s so sweet of you to tell me that I have talent only people dream about. Your words have touched me & have made my day! And I have to say that you’re one of my fav blogs on wordpress & that you have a unique & great blogging style I absolutely adore! Sorry if this was too long ☺️ Thanks again❤️❤️

      Liked by 3 people

    1. I can imagine reading it for the 1st time -I think I’d be confused too if I hadn’t written it! 😂 My inspiration…well, I love to write stories when I’m free so I remember sitting at my desk with my fingers hovering over the keyboard thinking what to write about. Then my gaze fell on a teddybear sitting on 1 of the shelves in my room & I was like “Don’t teddys fall in love too?” Then everything just fell into place after that! Thankyou for your comment – I’m glad you liked it! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was absolutely amazing! Your writing style is great, very vivid. It takes the reader on the journey, and gives a good image of what’s going on.

    The twist was unexpected, but made sense. At first, I thought it was even a ghost. Haha! ❤ Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The story reminded me of the awkward moments of school detentions so badly 😭 I just want to say that you are so good at engaging your audience with what you write 💗 absolutely love it

    Liked by 1 person

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