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Time Travel ๐Ÿ†’?

A Cheerful Hello To Anyone & Evryone Who Decided To Stop By & Read This Post! I’m certain (98% sure) that the title is what attracted you & that’s perfectly fine! I’m quite fascintaed too!

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It would be fun, wouldn’t it? It certaintly would be enjoyable to find out about what lies in the future or revisit the past – so don’t say otherwise! But is that what we want?
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Right now, your mind be exploding (like mine tends to do) with the millions of possibilities that this can offer you. “Oh My God – I can go back to all the happy moments in my life” or “Wow – I could know what I’ll get on that big test, see if I get accepted to the uni of my choice & know who I’ll marry beforehand…count me in!”
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So after listing all the amazing things that can happen because of time travel, you might be saying “Why Not?” – and I can’t blame you for that.
In reality though – if time travel ever becomes an option (which I higly doubt) – you (& my overly-excited mind) should be saying “Nah – I think I’ll pass…”
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The future should stay mysterious & unknown. Not knowing the future, brings the joy of surprise.
If we know how everything will turn out to be, we’d avoid all negative and bad experiences in life & make different choices.
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We’d never learn from our mistakes because we never do any – we’d avoid them all. Is that what we want? To live in a Utopia (a perfect wolrd)ย  where everyone is comfortable & rich?
Worries, stress, anxiety, problems, jealousy, heartbreaks, sickness, poverty, failing & all negative aspects of life wouldn’t exist. We can see it all before it comes.
Everything would be as easy as 123 &ABC. There would be no challenge & no excitement. Our life would have be so boring in all conditions – no one is different.
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If you can only see the future, then your friend will ask you “Why aren’t you stressed about the test tomorrow?” and you’d be like “Nah – I know all the questions that are coming” Or “No need – I know I’m getting an A*”
If you can change the future as well as see it, then you’ll know that you’ll fail the upcoming test you’d normally wouldn’t have studied for & you’d know when to get your act together.
These are just simple examples, but there are billions of others.
If we knew that tomorrow will bring no good to us, we’d never even try or work hard. Why bother? Life would be pointless & have no meaning.
Not knowing the future, allows you to strive & do your best. It allows you to learn from your mistakes. It allows you to take choices which can be either wrong or right. It teaches you not to repeat the same mistakes or make theย  same wrong choices you did before. All these are the things that bring the challenge & excitement to life. Without them, what would life be? The Yin & Yang sign that most of us call the life sign wouldn’t even exist!
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I also don’t strongly support the idea of travelling back in time. You might be like “Oh come on – you’re shutting down all ideas”, but I’m truly not. I’m stating my opinion which also happens to be the truth.

If we can revisit our past, memories would be meaningless.ย  If you can effortlessly go back to all those good times & moments – then why remember it? Why take a photo of it? Why write about it?
It’s also the same as travelling into the future. If you’re granted the option to change the past, if there is a chance for us to go back & change anything that we regret doing… everyone would have the perfect past & the perfect life.
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Anything you’ve missed or screwed up would be easily mended.ย  That deal you neglected or rejected, would be made. That test you didn’t study for and failed, would be studied for & easily succeeded. A wrong relationship that has majorly impacted your life, would have been avoided. Everything would have been easily repaired.

The bottom line is, that you should be glad that the past can’t be changed or revisitied & the future is unknown & unpredictable to us. It is a gift from God that we should acknowledge everyday. Time travel isn’t as awesome as you might have thougt it would be. It’s great to discover & learn from our life everyday. Always Remember:-

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Do you agree? Comment below what you think & if you liked this post or not. I’d love to hear what you have to say! ๐Ÿ™‚
Hope you had fun reading this post & that you’ve learnt how time travle could be a bad idea!
Oh & before I forget – I have something to lighten up the mood a bit! I saw this on Instagram & it made me laugh so much that I said “Why not share it on my blog & make others laugh?” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
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‘Till The Next Post โค๏ธ
Smiling Dreamer xoxo


45 thoughts on “Time Travel ๐Ÿ†’?

  1. Awesome! I have always been in favour allowing our future to remain a suspense. We all love suspense in movies, then why not in life! A yes time travel seems amazing but it will only kill the magic of life. It would be right to say, suspense and unpredictability makes life COOL! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Time travel would be cool ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to see the past, but I wouldn’t want to touch or do anything, because it could change the world for the worst (hopefully for the better, but it is too risky). I think it is best to just keep moving forward in our own time โค โค Great post x x

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  3. I completely agree. I loved this post! The background for your site is also very pretty. I hope you don’t mind me telling you that you spelled ‘fascinated’ incorrectly. Spelling mistakes just bug me a lot haha. The meme at the end made me burst out laughing! Great work overall!

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