Q&A Post💃

Hey There! It’s finally here – the post you’ve all been waiting for! The Q&A post! There won’t be a hulk load of questions – don’t worry! I’m keeping it short & sweet, so you woudn’t get bored or lose interest! 🙂

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– If the world was gonna end in 20 days, what would you do in those days?

Hmm. I’d probably do everything I love & enjoy every second of those 20 days. The days would be fun-filled & stress-free! I’d do more photography, blog, meet up with frriends & family, shop till I drop, watch movies, read, colour, write stories, watch TV, listen to my fav music & enjoy browsing social media w/o feeling guilty everytime or worrying about what I’m actually supposed to do. No studying, no school, no problems, no worry, no negativity. Just living life to its fullest….

-Do you use editing apps for your photos? What do you take your photos on?

Nope, I don’t use any editing apps. I do iPhone Photography, so obviously my photos are all taken on my iPhone!

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-How many pets do you have? 🐶

Uhh – none actually. I’m not really the type who favours having animals as pets. I sometimes feel that I wouldn’t take care of it as good as I should, since I’m always way too busy to even take care of my own self! I think it’d be cool though.

-What is your favorite accessory?

That is definitely a hard one. Why? Because I LOVE accessories – especially during the summer! It’s so hard for me to choose! I’ll list them in order of how important they are to me:

  1. Earring & Bracelets & Pandora (can’t choose 1 over the other 🙈)
  2. Necklace & Chokers
  3. Rings

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-Where do you want to travel next?

This one’s hard too – there are many places I want to visit! To Start With: London, Frankfurt, New York / Los Angeles, Venice/Rome/Milan, Amsterdam, & Sydney! But there are loads of others! 🙂

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-Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

5 Yrs: I graduated from school, I got 8A*s in my IGCSE’s, 3A’s in my AS Levels, & 3A*s in A2, I’m in the university of my dreams, studying a major I truly love, I have true friends, and I’m satisfied with life.

10 Yrs: I love my work & career, I have true friends, I found the man of my dreams – someone who really loves me, cares about me & makes me happy, and I’m satisfied with life.

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-What´s your favorite spot/place of Barcelona?

All places I’ve been to in BCN are absolute favs & goals, but my real #1 fav has got to be Plaça Catalunya & all the streets surrounding it (Las Ramblas, Pelayo, Portal De L’Angel, Passeig De Graçia) because they really helped me soak in the culture & know the city better!

IMG_1060 2.jpg

^Image Taken By None Other Than Me

-Do you prefer plain, train, car, ship?

It depends really. For travelling, my answer would be none, since I love to travel with Aeroplanes! But for short distance trips, I prefer cars!

-Do you try local food when you travel to another country?

Of course I do! Why not? I usually pick 1 or more cultural dish to try while travelling, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t eat McDonalds or pasta/pizza/chicken/sandwiches in restuarants too!

-Pizza or Cake?

Why are you doing this to me? This is torture – to choose between the things I love. *several minutes of thinking* I’d say…CAKE wins – especially if it’s chocolate!

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-What is your favourite season?

Summer, duh! I love summer. Minimal clothes on (if you get what I mean), loads of fun activities to do, usually the ultimate season for travelling & of course, no school! The only downside is sweating….

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-How/why did you start blogging?

This question came up before when I did the blogger recognition award post in my previous post “Awesome Awards”, so I’ll basically copy & paste my answer since I’m too lazy to retype it!

How my blog started? Hmm…that’s a good question. Tbh, I had been thinking for many weeks (before starting my blog) of ways to communicate with different people online & ways where I could share my thoughts, opinions & feelings – but I had no idea what to do or how to start. So one day, while I was supposedly studying Accounting…I decided to take a break & surf the internet. It all started from here. I found many WordPress blogs which I loved & this inspired me to create a blog of my own and see how it goes. It never crossed my mind that I’d even get recognized in the 1st few weeks, but it’s like what they say “Expect The Unexpected”. I would like to say that the community here is great! Everyone is so friendly, kind & helpful! It’s also a great feeling to post something which gets both immediate AND positive feedback. Today, I truly can’t imagine what my life was like before blogging! Thanks Everyone! ❤️

That’s all for now! I actually enjoyed doing this so much! I should do it again! Do you think I should do it again?

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Need to go now

‘Till the next post

Smiling Dreamer


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