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A Collab On School👯

Hey there Readers! Today I bring to you my first ever collab with Anju from Mandalf584 blog ❤️! Yay! Go check out her blog – she is simply the kindest & most amazing blogger ever!

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Together we bring to you the ultimate 10 questions we came up with about school!

So, I hope you read & enjoy! 🙂

What makes a good teacher good?

Wow. I’m probably going to rant my answer to this question since I have a lot to say. Why? Uhh – because I have no good teachers in school? A teacher is good when they actually know what they’re doing. When they can keep control of the class & preventing it from becoming absolute chaos. A good teacher would be able to teach & help us understand the material as well as keep us interested & entertained in some way. Teachers are supposed to care & answer our queries. Teachers should try as much as possible to simplify things for us & make them easy – not the other way around. They should tell us techniques that guarantee us marks & get us high grades. Teachers shouldn’t just set us a task & leave the class supposedly working for the lesson, while they sit lazily on their laptops & check their facebook feed. I know teachers are humans too & they could do this every now and then…but not every single lesson. Good teachers shouldn’t pretend to be actually teaching (for once in their lives) when the HeadTeacher walks into class. This is just…wrong. I seriously have no idea what is going on here in my school – I really don’t. What is even more surprising is that my school is one of the most so-called “prestigious” and “enriched” schools in my country. No kidding – we’re in the list of top 5 schools in Egypt & this disgrace is the quality of teaching we’re currently getting now. But there’s a reason. My school is an “international” school – meaning that our teachers are all foreign & british or american. There’s nothing wrong with that. However the problem is that international teachers aren’t eactly willing to come & teach in Egypt now. Our economic situation is lower than low & isn’t exactly the best at the moment. SO, what my school does… is bring in unqualified teachers to teach innocent students like me. I have a physics teacher who loves to play with the interactive whiteboard. One time, he spent an entire hour drawing a rainbow to explain light to my IGCSE physics class. EX-cuse me? That is no defonition of good, is it? My accounting teacher is actually a PE teacher. My maths teacher reads the worked example in our textbook, gives us an exercise to do & that’s literally it. To be honest with you, I only go to school for attendance purposes, not to learn. I think that’s enough ranting for now, or I could go on for another hour – but I don’t think you’d like that!

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How do you make the most of your high school experience?

I think the answer to this question would be different for everyone. To me, I think it’s important to stay focused & motivated throughout your school year. I love to read quotes & look out for tips or study guides to help me – which I find really helpful! I consider myself different than most girls in my school, to be honest. I’m not the type who cares about having a boyfriend, being popular, having a spot-on makeup look & perfect hair. I just like to be myself…to stand out…and to get good grades, of course! I also really enjoy discussing issues with the (few) friends I have. I have to make a confession though. I love learning, getting teached, & being educated, but I dislike school. I used to love school in primary, but it looks like teachers couldn’t care less about whether we’re interested or not. Blogging, Instagram, YouTube, Anghami & Tumblr is my starter pack every morning – in case you’re wondering! They help me get through the day! 🙂

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Do you prefer going to the same sex or co-ed schools?

From my point of view, I think that co-ed schools are much more better. Eventually, everyone will be together – whether it’s in uni or at work. Co-ed schools allow easier communication, understanding & each gender gets used to the other. I’m probably also saying this since my school is co-ed, but I’m quite convinced!

If you got to choose whether or not you go to school, would you?

If this question was asked to me during primary, I would have said “Of course I want to go!” – but now it’s kind of different. Currently, I would actually choose to not go to school, since it’s of no use to me. All I want to do is stay at home & study, prepare and practice for my IGCSE exams!

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What is 1 piece of advice you wish someone had told you when starting high school?

Is it possible to choose only 1? Hahaha 😂 “Get ready for big changes. Get ready to be judged & to be criticized. Get ready for gossip, jealousy, sneering & backstabbing. Know that you’ll not get appreciated for being unique. Get ready to go from being the most popular & loved girl in class (primary) to sitting alone in the library because there’s no one who wants to talk to you. Get ready for a place where high grades aren’t appreciated by your classmates, but are actually laughed at. Get ready to be based on your popularity, your makeup & hair, where you go in the weekend, and whether or not you have a boyfriend. Get ready for a place where introverts & shy people (like me) aren’t accepted & where extroverts rule. Get ready to face a wild animal zoo. Get ready for a world that is counted as a polar opposite to primary school. Get Ready & Lose The Expectations.”

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When you get bored during a lesson, what do you start doing?

If I have my laptop & I can use it during the class, there’s no limit to the things I can do! If not, then I usually twirl my hair, open 1 eye & close the other, doodle in my copybook, plan my day/week, place my phone under my book (which usually happens with teachers who aren’t really alert), listen to music by hiding my headphones in my palm – that kind of thing. What exactly I do though depends on the subject & the person who’s teaching it!

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What do you usually do on your bus ride to & from school?

Call my mum, listen to music, scroll on Instagram & Tumblr, check my blog notifications or look at my camera roll! Obviously, all tasks are phone-related! It’s a smartphone era, these days!

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Which subject do you love the most? Why?

There isn’t one I love the MOST – but there are subjects that I like/prefer. I enjoy ICT (practical), business studies, maths & physics…as individual subjects, NOT at school.

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What motivates you to study?

I get motivated by imagining what would happen when I get really good grades & what would happen if I get awful grades. Of curse, the “good grades” daydream is way much better, which ends up motivating me. I also like to read motivation quotes that specfically target studying – thtis is my fav thing to do!

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If you can change only 1 rule/policy in your school, what would it be?

The most debated topic in history. Uniform. I dislike hate despise our uniform. It’s blue & white, and I hate it. Why can’t we wear our own clothes & be comfortable in it? They’re killing our creativity this way. We’re all wearing the same exact thing – it’s so boring. But I’m pretty sure that this rule will never change, since my school is very strict about iniform – but who knows?

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Well, that concludes my collab post! Did you like it? Don’t forget to comment! Once again, thankyou to Anju for being very kind & helpful! Love you! 🙂

P.S How was your valentine’s day? In case you’re wondering, I’m single, but me & my Mum celebrate it every yesar. I got her a Victoria Secret makeup bag & did her some crafts! She also got me a VS makeup bag, an Accessorize notebook (it’s so cute!), and a card! Love ’em! ❤️

Bye For Now!

Smiling Dreamer xoxo

19 thoughts on “A Collab On School👯

  1. Nice one as usual! Don’t you doze off to sleep in class? I do that very often!😋. We boys who stay in hostels actually love uniforms …..No need to wash regularly 😋….And no-one even notices if we are wearing the same set for a few days. Even I prefer co-ed….Why prefer black and white when coloured is available!!😋😍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this post, it was honestly SO GOOD!!! XD I loved both the questions and the answers!!
    When I’m bored in class I just try not to sleep, that’s really hard itself, haha XD I’m too scared to play music or use my phone in class.
    I don’t think I have a fave subject, some are awesome, but the teachers ain’t so good and in other subjects the teachers are amazing, but the subjects aren’t cool to me. It’s so complicated!!!! XD XD
    Great post, again!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Education Status: It’s complicated! 😂😂 Thankyou so much! ❤❤ I know right? I totally agree – not sleeping in class is ny biggest challenge, like ever! 😄 I don’t use my phone an awful lot since they’re so strict about it – usually in Physics because my teacher is such a scatterbrain & doesn’t notice a thing! 😉 I can totally realte with you about the teachers versus subject thingy. It’s kind of the same here, except for the fact that we have no awesome teachers! 😂🤦‍♀️ Anyway, thankyou for commenting! Honestly, you’re the best! ❤❤❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No problem!!! XD And yeah, lately I’m drinking coffee before school so I’m sleepy during class, once one of my friends almost fell asleep in my hot teacher’s class. She and I were at the back so maybe he didn’t notice, hehe 😛 But I’d NEVER sleep in his class!!!
        And awww, you’re even BETTER!!!! XD ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I can relate to all of these things but my uniform is decent and we aren’t allowed our phones. I love all your posts and am totally obsessed with your blog. keep up your amazing blog. you are also my first follower. I really can not thank you enough.

    Liked by 1 person

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