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A Girl Who Loves To Be Different 😌

Hey there fellow readers & bloggers! Hope all is going well! Thankyou for all the warm ‘welcome back’ comments I got on my last post – I really enjoyed reading them! Today’s post is going to be quite different. For me, it’s a deeply touching topic. We live in a wild word, nowadays. A world… Continue reading A Girl Who Loves To Be Different 😌

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Back 2 Blogging 😉

AHHHHHH! Yes – this is me screaming. Why? Because I’ve finally, completely & utterly finished my IGCSE exams! I seriously can’t believe that I’m done! Someone pinch me – I must be dreaming! OW! Ok…so I’m not dreaming since I just pinched myself real hard & it turns out I’m not asleep, which can only mean… Continue reading Back 2 Blogging 😉