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500 Followers + Get-To-Know-Me Tag πŸŽ€

Hey There Everyone! 😍

It’s been a short while since my last post, and it feels like ages! (9 days w/o blogging = 1 Year = True) I’ve been super-busy lately, and things have been a bit rough, but I’ve MISSED YOU Guys!

Btw, someone needs to tell my WiFi to stop dying too much! I hate the Internet Service Providing Company – their call center representatives absolutely have NO IDEA what sort of crisis not having WiFi is! #annoying It’s still not even working, and I think my 4G is going to run out real soon. *facepalm*

Anyway…I just hit 500 Followers! WOO-HOO! A majorly huge & important Milestone in my more-than-awesome blogging journey (which FYI still hasn’t been a year yet) *squeals in delight* Of course, increasing my number of followers isn’t my main & only blogging goal, but I think it’s GREAT to know that more & more people are reading your content! *super-happy* My most crucial blogging goal is to keep on writing engaging & interesting posts, that my readers will enjoy! 😊 Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou to each & every single one of my followers! I love you all! ❀️

Today I’m doing this Cool ‘n’ Fab Tag to celebrate this amazing blogging progress! I got inspired to do this Tag from May @ForeverandEverly and I fell in love with the idea! Check out her brilliant post here!



Name: Smiling Dreamer (OBviously that’s not my real name – I prefer to stay anonymous for now)

Date Of Birth: 20 March 2002 (Yess – I’m 15)

Star Sign: Pisces (did I mention that I love my star sign?! I relate to its traits so much!)

Occupation: Uhhh…Student? (That’s what it says in my passport anyway). Teenage Blogger?

Where I Live: Cairo, Egypt

Siblings: Nope – Only Child.

Languages I Speak: English, Arabic, Some French


Hair Colour: Brown (yes it’s that simple – no dark, no light, just brown)

Hair Height: It used to reach the end of my back, but I had a haircut 2 months ago & now it’s mid-lengthπŸ’‡πŸΌ *sobs* #regretting #decisions

Eye Colour: Light Brown (Almost Honey-Like)

Skin Colour: White (Think of the lightest shade of Make-Up Foundation “Ivory White”)

Body: Very Very Very Skinny & Slim

Height: I haven’t measured it for a while, but I’m kind of tall, about 168cm or so.

Best Feature: My Smile & My Eyes – the majority like that about me #happy

Braces: Nope. Never Had & Never Will. #glad

Glasses: Non. Je ne porte pas des lunettes #french #skills #practicing

Piercing: No, No and No. I seriously don’t get the hype about piercings – they just don’t appeal to me (even tho more than half my school have them)

Tatoos: *ahem – slightly disgusted face* A) I’m just 15 B) I don’t really like them C) So, even when I’m older…I won’t get any. End Of Subject.


Fav Music Genre: Dance, Pop

Fav Movie Genre: Comedy, Romance, Adventure

Fav Book Genre: Humour, Contemporary, Romance, Adventure

Fav Shop: *raises eyebrow* I’m a Shopaholic, remember? Choosing is nearly impossible, but I’ll go with Stradivarius

Fav Chocolate Bar: Kit Kats (duh)

Fav Colour(s): All Shades Of Blue & Pink

Fav Song: Too Too Too Many – I love my whole playlist

Fav Makeup BrandπŸ’„: We don’t have an awful lot of makeup brands in Egypt (like Sephora, Nyx, Nars and Benefit), so my current fav is Maybelline.

Fav Book: *coughs real loudly* Can I not answer this question? It’s just so hard to choose between the things you love, right?

Fav Restaurant: Tbh, I actually prefer my Mum’s Food & Cooking (it’s so freakin’ delish!) πŸ˜‹

Fav Food: Pasta 🍝, French Fries 🍟, Meat πŸ–, Chicken πŸ—, Burgers πŸ”….umm EVERYTHING!

Fav Drink: *sly smile* None actually. I’m not really a Β person who loves juice & frizzy drinks, unless water counts! (Yes I know, I’m weird)

Fav Shoes: Nike Airs, Adidas Superstar, and my Converse! In other words, SNEAKERS!

Fav Animal: For some unknown reasons, I like birds and dolphins!


Feeling: A bit relaxed for the 1st time in a while

Single Or Taken: S.I.N.G.L.E And Proud *wink*

Eating: Well I just ate a plate of French Fries a couple of minutes ago

Thinking About: This Blog Post, OBviously

Watching: Nothing at the moment (Sorry Guys…)

Wearing: My Comfy PJ’s – best option ever.


Want to be married: Yes, of course! But after I finish my education, get a job, and make my own savings.

Want Children: Yes! Cute, but tiring.

Career: An Engineer (as I’ve said before in previous posts) and I want to continue blogging too!

Where I want to live: Barcelona, Paris, London, New York…I don’t know! Anywhere beautiful! πŸ™ˆ


Holiday: Sharm El Sheikh (another city in Egypt) and I was 5 months at the time.

Best Friend: A Girl Called Hana, and I know her since we were 3! (She doesn’t have a blog though)

Award: Well, apparently, I won a Best Smile Award when I was 4 years old! *automatically smiles*

Sport: Tennis! (I was really really good, but I sadly stopped 6 years ago)


Last thing I bought? A pack of 4 bracelets from Accessorize #colourful

PC Or Mac? Apple Forever. MacBooks are GREAT!

Can I Cook? *embarassed* I can make Omlettes & Sandwiches (does that count?)

Was I named after anyone? The truth is…yes! According to my information, I was named after an Egyptian’s Actress Name! #cool

Do I like my handwriting? YESSS! Loads of people say my handwriting is so good! In Primary, I always won the “Best Handwriting” Award and my classmates used to tell me that it looks like a computer font!

Do I use sarcasm a lot? *nods head up & down enthusiastically* Yup – I love to be sarcastic, sometimes!

First thing I notice about people? A lot actually. I’m very perceptive and my eyes can take in a lot of details! Their outfit, bag, nails, hair colour, eye colour, skin colour and body language!

Mountain Hideaway or Beach House? Definitely a beach house! This is no brainer darlings! I love the sandy salty shores!

Summer or Winter? SUMMER!

How many countries have I been to? *counting on fingers* 4 apart from my Home Country Egypt! But I’ve been to those 4 more than once!

Do I always smile for pictures? Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do? What’s a picture w/o a smile? That’s right – pointless. Unless you’re taking a candid of me!

Do I ever dance even if there’s no music playing? *embarassed again* Yesss – because usually there’s music playing in my head…so yeah. *laughs uncomfortably*

Apps I use the most? WordPress, Instagram, Whatsapp

3 Turn Ons? Honesty, Kindness, Good Manners

3 Turn Offs? Self-Centered, Lying, Rudeness

Last Song I listened to? Most Girls – Hailee Steinfeld

Colour of Current Undies? *looks to check* Grey. (What kind of question is that?)

Something I really want? World Peace, To Be Happy, Good Health.

Meaning behind my blog name? It’s a combination between 2 things I love to do (Smile & Dream)

3 Words To Describe Me? Kind, Thoughtful, Senstive.

THAT’S ALL! Whew *wipes forehead* I’ve answered a load of questions, but it was fun!

I really hope you’ve learnt more about me & that this wasn’t too boring to read & that I didn’t seem self-obsessive (I actually don’t like to talk about myself)!

I tag anyone who feels like doing this & hasn’t yet! You can do the same questions or choose some of your own off the internet (I did a mox of both!). Don’t forget to comment what you think of this post!

Hasta La Vista Everyone! 😊



74 thoughts on “500 Followers + Get-To-Know-Me Tag πŸŽ€

  1. Loved reading this!! Congrats on 500 followers lovely!! I saw this tag three times (with this included) and I think I might just do it! Loved getting to know all the dets bout youπŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats! Great to know more things about you. I’m also an (l)only child, and not many people I know are only children. Even though my birthday is in the middle of winter, I still prefer summer.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ok all I saw was Kit-Kats!! Can I just rave about them? I mean, white chocolate is wayy to sweet for me but when its in Kit-Kat form it tastes amazingg!! Lol OK congrats though!!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thankyou so much Lovely! ❀️❀️ Yesss I agree – it’s such a GREAT feeling! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰ It’s my pleasure – thankYOU for inspiring me to do this fun & interesting tag! 😊😊 KitKats are SO delish! 3 Musketeers? We don’t have it here in Egypt (sadly)! But when I travel sometime soon, I’ll make sure to try it! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Thanks Again! ❀️❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on 500 followers! That’s a big achievement as a blogger. πŸ™‚ I also enjoyed reading more about you.

    I may do the tag sometime if I have time, it seems like a lot of fun and I like Q&A’s. Will post it here if I decide to do it. I also find doing tags is always a great way for the blogging community to reach out to one another.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thankyou so much! ❀️❀️ Yess – it’s such an AMAZING feeling! 😊 I’m really glad you enjoyed! 😁

      You should definitely do this tag sometime! I’m sure you’d do a great post! πŸ‘ You can link my post, if you decide to do the tag! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Yesss I agree – tags provide brilliant opportunities! 😍 Thanks Again! 😊❀️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!!! I’m SO SO SO Happy for you!!! You definitely definitely deserve every single one of your amazing followers! πŸ˜β€οΈπŸŽ‰ *showers confetti* Also I’m really really sorry for being so late to comment! 😭

    Liked by 1 person

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