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Hey There! Welcome To My Blog! ❤️

I’m Smiling Dreamer – a teen just like any other who comes from Egypt!

I’m A Lifestyle Blogger, and on my Blog you can find all types of posts: Photography, Discussion, Book Reviews, Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Tags, Awards, Fun Posts, Rants, Tips & Advice, And MORE! I Always Try My Best To Keep My Content On SmilingDreamer Varied & Diverse, So Everyone Can Enjoy Reading It! Check Out My Categories (in the Sidebar) & Have Fun Exploring!


When I first started blogging, I kept doubting myself & my decision to do so. #confidence

Today Though, I’m absolutely happy that I kept going on despite my doubts. Blogging has turned out to be something I truly love & enjoy! Writing posts, responding to comments, discovering other blogs, and the whole WP Community is just…OUTSTANDING! I’ve always loved writing, spreading my ideas, and expressing myself – And blogging has magnificently helped me to do so! The feelings I experience from blogging are all about positive. I’m VERY glad that I discovered my once-hidden passion and talent at blogging!

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It was purely by coincidence that I started this amazing journey…now I don’t think I can ever stop! I never thought I’d be this successful & happy, but I am.

Blogging has taught me that self-confidence is the key, and that all you need to do is take the first step and see how it goes! Get out of your comfort zone, be bold, and watch what happens! I’m sure you’ll discover great things you didn’t know about yourself! So…Take The Risk & Just Do It (Thanks Nike)! “If not now, then when?” –  What’s the worst that can happen? Have Faith In Yourself & Never Give Up On Your Dreams! 😊

I chose the name “The SmilingDreamer Blog” simply because I love to Smile & Dream – just thought I’d tell you!

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Thankyou for your support, your kindness & for taking the time to have a read!

And Hope You Like My Blog! 😍

Smiling Dreamer