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Brought To You By A Regular 17 Year Old Who Happens To Love Smiling, Dreaming, Listening To Music & Writing

I’m a Lifestyle Blogger, so you can basically find all types of posts over here from Photography and Discussion to Book Reviews and Travel as well as Random Rants and Advice. I always try my best to keep my content varied and diverse, so everyone can enjoy reading it!

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I’ve always loved writing ever since I was in primary school, which is why the idea of blogging really appealed to me. When I first created this blog, I kept doubting myself & my decision. I was full of questions and fear of the unknown. Will I succeed as a blogger? Will readers enjoy my content? Maybe I should give up and stop? Was this a silly idea?

Too. Many. Questions.

Looking back, I’m happy that I decided to go on despite my doubts. Blogging turned out to be something I love and something I truly enjoy. If I hadn’t taken that risk and stepped out of my comfort zone…I would have never known that. So you see? If we’re too scared or don’t have much self-confidence in ourselves, then we’ll miss opportunities that can change our lives.

Confidence is key.

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  Just Do It (Thanks Nike).

Remember: “If not now, then when?”

One more thing! I chose the name “Smiling Dreamer” simply because I love to smile and day-dream.

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Hope You Like My Blog!

Smiling Dreamer