Hello Blogosphere! 😊 I am (finally) back again with a brand new post! School is officially in full-swing and I’m already tired, exhausted and sleepy. Why the torture, why? *Mini Crying Party* I’ve been so so so busy and I know I kind-of neglected WP the last week *embarassed sheepish grin* but I’m back again!…… Continue reading Q AND A POST ðŸ¤”🎀

500 Followers + Get-To-Know-Me Tag ðŸŽ€

Hey There Everyone! 😍 It’s been a short while since my last post, and it feels like ages! (9 days w/o blogging = 1 Year = True) I’ve been super-busy lately, and things have been a bit rough, but I’ve MISSED YOU Guys! Btw, someone needs to tell my WiFi to stop dying too much!…… Continue reading 500 Followers + Get-To-Know-Me Tag ðŸŽ€

Dazzling Awards For Me ðŸ…

Hey there lovelies! 🙂 First of all, I’d like to thank each & every single one of you who has read, liked or commented on my last post! The number of sweet, positive & heartwarming comments I got was absolutely astonishing & pleasantly surprising! I really enjoyed reading  all of them & replying back! Do…… Continue reading Dazzling Awards For Me ðŸ…

A Collab On School👯

Hey there Readers! Today I bring to you my first ever collab with Anju from Mandalf584 blog Together we bring to you the ultimate 10 questions we came up with about school! So, I hope you read & enjoy! What makes a good teacher good? Wow. I’m probably going to rant my answer to this…… Continue reading A Collab On School👯

Q&A Post💃

Hey There! It’s finally here – the post you’ve all been waiting for! The Q&A post! There won’t be a hulk load of questions – don’t worry! I’m keeping it short & sweet, so you woudn’t get bored or lose interest! 🙂 – If the world was gonna end in 20 days, what would you…… Continue reading Q&A Post💃

A Delighted Return ðŸŽ‰

Hi there! I’M BACK! 🙂🎉 Yes, I know – I haven’t posted for 1 week. Yes, I know – I may have promised that my blogging schedule will change a bit this month…but I never said that I’ll go cold turkey for 7 whole days. I never intended for this to happen though… Before you…… Continue reading A Delighted Return ðŸŽ‰

Awesome Awards😍


Bits ‘n’ Bobs

Hey Everyone! I’ve been thinking lately & I realised you don’t really know that much about me. That’s why I’ve decided to tell you more about me, me, and me in 15 not so short facts. I’m a teenage girl – stating the obvious My birthday is in March I have long curly light brown…… Continue reading Bits ‘n’ Bobs