Simply Confidence Quotes 🦋

Hey There Lovelies & Hello September! ❤️ Can you believe it’s September already? *shakes head no* I’ve been MIA (Missing In Action) for a couple of days, but that’s because I was on VACATION! *happy dance*  We (as in: me and my family) decided to go somewhere for a week, so we can have some…… Continue reading Simply Confidence Quotes 🦋

Congratulations And Celebrations! 🎉

YAY! WOO-HOO! YIPEEE! I’M SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY! I did it! I’ve achieved my goal & dream! I can’t believe it! *fist-pumps the air* Hello Blogging World! 👋 Please, don’t be surprised by my behavior, but I am EXTREMELY happy, glad, excited and…… Continue reading Congratulations And Celebrations! 🎉

Money Can’t Buy Happiness?🤑

Hiii Blogosphere! I’ve MISSED YOU ALL! 😍 Cartons. Bags. Sorting. Packing. Cello-tape. Paper Cuts? Ouch! You might remember fron my Life Rambling & Updates Post or probably figured out that I’m still in my “Moving Houses Process”, which is keeping me real busy *sad face* I’ve also been hooked up in reading this book (more…… Continue reading Money Can’t Buy Happiness?🤑

Life Rambling & Updates 🤔

Hi Everyone! 🙂 I was actually planning on publishing a COMPLETELY different post today, but something felt kind-of off. Even though I always strive to write engaging content on my blog (which I totally enjoy doing), I feel that I also should try doing more “My Life Updates” and talk about the good and the…… Continue reading Life Rambling & Updates 🤔

Random Thoughts On Technology 📱

Hi Everyone! 😊 This post should be quite interesting to read – I think! Let’s cut to the chase. It should be lawfully illegal for parents to confiscate our phones and laptops. Yes I’m serious – no kidding. As you might’ve realised, I’ve been quite inactive last week, on WordPress, on Instagram and everywhere really.…… Continue reading Random Thoughts On Technology 📱

Stories, Morals, and Quotes

Hey There! Long time, no see! My apologies for the lack of posts last week, but I have to admit…it has been a jam-packed week. As you probably might know, I love reading or writing stories that have a message – kind of a life lesson – that we learn from. In other words, moral…… Continue reading Stories, Morals, and Quotes

A Delighted Return 🎉

Hi there! I’M BACK! 🙂🎉 Yes, I know – I haven’t posted for 1 week. Yes, I know – I may have promised that my blogging schedule will change a bit this month…but I never said that I’ll go cold turkey for 7 whole days. I never intended for this to happen though… Before you…… Continue reading A Delighted Return 🎉

Envy Makes You Unfriendly 😏

Hi There! It’s (finally) the weekend! Normally, I would have been ecstatic…but it doesn’t help that I need to study for the 8 exams I have next week. *sigh* At least my english test was pretty good yesterday. Accounting not so much – our teacher isn’t exactly the brightest person in the world when it…… Continue reading Envy Makes You Unfriendly 😏

Passion For Photography 📸

Hi There! Is it me, or do the days run by like the wind? I can’t believe it’s been almost 1 whole week since the new year! The above image is one of my all-time favourite quotes! You’re the one responsible. You’re the one in control. You need to efficiently make & manage your time…… Continue reading Passion For Photography 📸

Failure=Success? 😉

Hey There! With my exams coming up in just 1 week…I have to admit that I’m officially in stress mode. No kidding. I hate how sometimes I feel very self-confident & that I’m going to do well and how sometimes I feel like it’s going to be a complete disaster! “Calm down…you got this!” I…… Continue reading Failure=Success? 😉