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Hello Blogosphere! 😊 I am (finally) back again with a brand new post! School is officially in full-swing and I’m already tired, exhausted and sleepy. Why the torture, why? *Mini Crying Party* I’ve been so so so busy and I know I kind-of neglected WP the last week *embarassed sheepish grin* but I’m back again!… Continue reading Q AND A POST πŸ€”πŸŽ€

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Passion For Photography 4 πŸ“·

Hey There Everyone! 😌 It’s finally time for a NEW photography post! *cheers* I’ve seriously missed sharing my photography with y’all, so here I am today! But before I start sharing my photos, I’d like to talk about why I’ve developed a passion for photography and why it’s important. I personally find photography to be… Continue reading Passion For Photography 4 πŸ“·

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Life Updates + Entertainer Blogger Award

Hi Everyone! 😊 I’ve had quite a couple of busy & exciting days! I just started school (on the 6th of September) and there was all the business of settling in – which mainly consists of receiving textbooks, writing out timetables & getting to know teachers. I can’t believe I’m back in school already! Summer… Continue reading Life Updates + Entertainer Blogger Award